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Stone Properties

► black lava rock: an igneous rock formed from molten lava solidified under intense heat and pressure; stone of strength and courage; allows the opportunity for stability with lifetime changes; helps diminish the negative aspects on one's character; chakra: sahasrara (crown) 

► kambaba stone: exotic looking jaspar from Africa; soothes the nerves and state of mind; purported to be beneficial for plant growth; some healers say it helps dietary stabilization; also useful for anxiety; chakra: anahata (heart); sign: scorpio

► labradorite: a crystalline form of Feldspar; heightens intuition; true intentions are seen more with it's use; heals old memories; seen best to use when dealing with addiction or to break unhealthy habits; chakra: sahasrara (crown); sign: leo, scorpio, sagittarius 

► pyrite: a sulfide mineral; shields and protects against negative vibrations; stimulates intellect and memory; has been used to draw wealth; also said to balance hormonal rhythms; sun energy captured in stones will help draw out the pain from the body; chakra: manipura (solar plexus); sign: leo

► lapis lazuli: a stone of total awareness; power and royalty; lapis lazuli is representative of the Divine Feminine and activates one's intuition; also known to relieve depression and insomnia; chakra: anja (third eye); sign: sagittarius

► amazonite: allows one to express their heart through communication; provides pacification and eliminates aggression; helps relieve the feeling of a need to suffer; chakra: anahata (heart), vishuddha (throat); sign: virgo

► onyx: grounds, protects and banishes the feeling of grief; supports past-life regression; enhances self-control; removes spirit possessions; excellent for fertility; chakra: muladhara (root); sign: leo, capricorn, virgo

► rose quartz: encourages self-love and total self acceptance; brings peace and calm to relationships; for spiritual alignment to the energy of love; excellent for fertility; chakra: anahata (heart); sign: taurus, libra

► tiger eye: protects one's auric field; protects travelers from accidents; synchronizes the energies of the sun and earth; chakra: mudlahara (root), svadhisthana (sacral), manipura (solar plexus); sign: capricorn, leo

► dalmatian jasper: aids with over analyzing and overthinking; stone of service; maintains balance and connection; chakra: svadhisthana (sacral)

► sandstone: stone of creativity; improves water retention; encourages truth and promotes clarity in thought and sight; chakra: svadhisthana; sign: gemini

► red coral: symbolizes life and blood force energy; represents diplomacy and concurrence; quiets the emotions; expedites the transfer of knowledge; chakra: muladhara (root); sign: taurus, pisces

► howlite: relieves extreme feelings of resentment; calms temper; releases stress and anxiety; brings one a sense of inner peace; chakra: sahasrara (crown); sign: gemini, virgo

► tree jasper: often used to help with dream recall and shamanic journeying; in ancient times, known as the "rain bringer"; excellent in overcoming ocd; chakra: muladhara (root)

► tourmaline quartz: powerful healing stone on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level; excellent psychic protection energy; aids clear thinking and emotional clarity; chakra: muladhara (root); sign: libra

► aventurine: provides balance of the female and male energies; brings about adventures in love and travel; promotes complete love, forgiveness, release and acceptance; chakra: anahata (heart); sign: aries

► carnelian: helps build confidence, courage, passion and power within themselves; aids in manifesting their highest goals and dreams; for increased creativity and sexuality; chakra: svadhisthana (sacral), muladhara (root); sign: taurus, cancer, leo

► picture jasper: grounding and harmonizing stone with a strong connection; promotes feelings of responsibility towards planet; said to aid in quitting smoking; chakra: ajna (third eye)

► citrine: premiere stone of manifestation and imagination; encourages fullness of life, fresh beginnings and new pursuits; transmutes, dissipates and grounds negative energy; chakra: manipura (solar plexus), svadhisthana (sacral), muladhara (root); sign: gemini, aries, libra

► red jasper: creates a strong connection to the earth; gives deep insight into personal difficulties and strong self of stability; aids deeper insight to difficulties; chakra: muladhara (root); sign: taurus

► mother of pearla protective stone; brings the gentle healing power of the sea; stress relieving properties - relaxing, soothing and calming to the emotions; chakra: manipura (solar plexus); sign: pisces

► turquoise: develops inner strength; heals energetic blocks, sadness and karmic guilt; healer of the spirit, bringing peace of mind; chakra: vishuddha (throat); sign: sagittarius, pisces, scorpio

► amethyst: known as the 'stone of spirituality'; facilitates transmutation of lower energies into the higher frequencies of the spiritual and ethereal levels; excellent stone to use during meditation; translates to 'not drunk' in greek; chakra: aina (third eye), sahasrara (crown); sign: virgo, aquarius, capricorn